Look, I have searched many, if not all, financial advice websites on how to make money and increase income, but I keep finding nothing but bull crap! Let’s call it like it is. Telling someone to stop prioritizing money in their life, is a good way to make money? That doesn’t make sense! Or, “Say NO, a lot more and you’ll dramatically increase your income.” I’m sick of it! Only a few people teach the right things and I plan on passing that same knowledge that they have taught me to you.

Let’s talk about the wrong information about making more income that gets passed around. That way you know what and who to never listen to again.

Wrong Information

Many people would have you believe that your financial problems are a result of your debt, your spending, or that you don’t stick to a budget. They, like The Millionaire Next Door, would tell you to save and stop spending money on things like going to Starbucks every morning. They tell you that the average Starbucks beverage costs $4.50 and if you stop going every day for the next 30 years that’s 50k. Well, if you live in most of America, and all you have is 50k then you’re still poor. Money isn’t to be saved it’s to be used.

Another thing that many people tell you and something that you believe is, “if you want to get rich you must earn your way there.” Yes, you’re going to have to work hard and the average CEO works 58 hours a week. But busting your back working three jobs slightly above minimum wage isn’t going to cut it. If you want to earn your way to riches, then your going to have to earn your way to a position that makes that a million+ but working 60 hours or more a week at minimum wage jobs is not going to make you rich its just going to put you in the dirt a hell of a lot faster.

YOUR #1 PROBLEM IS INCOME! If you want to be rich your going to have to learn how to make money, keep money, and grow money. But if you’re not making enough then it’s going to be nearly impossible to keep it and grow it. So, let’s get to ways that ACTUALLY WORK on how you can increase your income.

Mastering A Required Skills

If your young and do not have a skill that is highly sought after and highly compensated, then you have some work to do. Look around and find a skill that you feel you’d be great at, that is also highly sought after. Going to college and receiving a degree that qualifies you and gives you the foundation for that skill is the best option for you. I said foundation because school alone will not give you the necessary skills to receive a high paying salary and keep it. You must work at that on your own; reading books and practicing to the point where people are willing to pay you for your skills. Listening to people who told you that you don’t have to go to college could put you in a world of hurt. And I am not here to pass on knowledge on how to become a billionaire. I want to pass on knowledge that can get you rich for sure!

If you are older and have a low paying job but have obtained a skill such as a car salesman who is only making 37k a year then you have work to do as well. Whatever skill you have can always be improved on and the better you are, the better your checks become. Find a mentor, register for online classes, and invest in your skill. If you do this alone you will increase your income.

Selling That Skill Outside of Work

Once you’ve improved your skill to the point where you have greatly increased your income and value at your first job you can now begin to sell your services elsewhere. A very important part of increasing your income is the creation of multiple streams of income. You can not earn your way to being rich, but you can create a system that does that for you.

Do not leave your current job to start another or to start your own business! Many people think that they should quit their first job and start their business or another higher paying job. STOP! This will hurt you. Doesn’t it make sense to try and start your business while still maintaining your income so that you can continue to feed yourself and your family? A business has many expenses and many more unexpected expenses. If you quit your first job you could end up back where you started or worse and that’s what we are trying to avoid.

Now, do not let that scare you from creating these other streams of revenue. You can start your business but do it safely and with money behind you. That way you can dive right into it and take on your market by storm. You can also create and sell courses on your skill. There are many ways once you’ve mastered a skill to make money off it.

Reinvesting Returns

You must follow this if you want to continue to increase your income. If you get more money and start spending more money, then you put everything at risk. But if you follow this there is no limit to how much you can make.

The most successful people in the world all reinvest their money back on themselves and their business. Because if you’re not growing then you are moving backward and they all understand this.

With the new-found money that you are making you need to put this to work. Hiring accountants to deal with taxes and hopefully bringing those taxes down to a tolerable level. Investing in marketing and a marketing team to bring more business to you and your company. Investing in equities and real estate to provide extra income and provide generational wealth for your family.


There are many more things which we are taught which couldn’t be more wrong. There are many more ways to sell your skills outside of your main job. And there are countless other ways to reinvest your returns. What I wanted to show here is a viable way to increase your income. Not that BS that other websites use just to fill up space and waste your time.

With this information, you can go deeper and figure out exactly how to improve your skill or what skill to even develop. I have here the foundation to increase your income but it’s up to you to do more research and forever change your financial situation.